PenguinV: Trying to Optimize Median Filtering

Continuing from my last post, after thinking about the change from -O2 to -O3, I realized just changing the options on the performance test seems dumb. The library is mean’t to be included into other peoples projects as source files and invoked from their own software. Those people can just set their options to -O3Continue reading “PenguinV: Trying to Optimize Median Filtering”

Analysis for PenguinV

Previously I benchmarked the functions in penguinV under O2 and O3 optimization levels, but I focused on only the image_function functions. I looked back at the results to see if setting the performance_tests to O3 would just not affect or improve all functionalities across the board. Here’s the spreadsheet with the findings. O2 O3 FunctionContinue reading “Analysis for PenguinV”

Profiling Vpenguin

Last time, I benchmarked the Vpenguin functions. This time I will be profiling the Vpenguin functions with perf to see what are the hotspot functions. With the original compiler options on a Aarch64 machine and restricting the performance_test to only only Image_Function functions, I get the following report from perf: As shown above, looks likeContinue reading “Profiling Vpenguin”

Re-benchmarking PenguinV

In a previous post, I profiled and benchmarked the blob_detection function for penguinV. Looking back on my method and results, I realized I didn’t do the best job. My sample size was small so it will really be difficult to determine if my changes are significant if I reran the benchmark tests. Therefore, I willContinue reading “Re-benchmarking PenguinV”

Note to Self: Don’t Read Foreign Code When Unwell

So after two weeks of going in and out of the hospital, I can finally say I’m sick of sitting in waiting rooms and trying to work on my laptop without a table. My newfound appreciation for my home workstation has reinvigorated me with energy to continue working on my school assignment. In a previousContinue reading “Note to Self: Don’t Read Foreign Code When Unwell”

penguinV (S1): Benchmark and Plan

Last time I looked into Google’s HighwayHash as my target repo but failed to get the benchmark working. This timeMoving away from hashes, I looked for some image processing libraries, specifically a small to medium size project that would be simple to follow. Many Github searches later, I find a project that fits my criteria.Continue reading “penguinV (S1): Benchmark and Plan”

The Search for a Project to Optimize

As a class assignment, I am to find a piece of open-source software to optimize and have it accepted by the community. There are three stages to the assignment. Stage 1: Find an open-source package and determine a computationally heavy function. Benchmark it’s performance on a Aarch64 system and determine how to optimize it. StageContinue reading “The Search for a Project to Optimize”

Lab 4: Sound Scaling Analysis, Algorithm Selection

In today’s lab, I look at how a C program can handle sound scaling. Here’s the base code I will be working with: Compiling and running this code produces the following results: From these results, you can see that the program has a runtime of about ~55ms. If I compile and run the code byContinue reading “Lab 4: Sound Scaling Analysis, Algorithm Selection”

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