The Search for a Project to Optimize

As a class assignment, I am to find a piece of open-source software to optimize and have it accepted by the community. There are three stages to the assignment. Stage 1: Find an open-source package and determine a computationally heavy function. Benchmark it’s performance on a Aarch64 system and determine how to optimize it. StageContinue reading “The Search for a Project to Optimize”

In Search for a Long-Term Side Project

Well, Hacktoberfest is now over and I have completed the four required PRs for their T-shirt. With its conclusion, I think I have enough experience working with open source projects to understand their workflow. It is time to decide what to do next. Right now, my current thought is to find one big project thatContinue reading “In Search for a Long-Term Side Project”

Hacktoberfest: Revisiting Angular

Going into the fourth week of Hacktoberfest. Update in regards to my PHP and Laurel self-learning process: I did not get much progress done. Lots of family matters got in the way this week and the PR I was working on required a lot of relearning and learning of the technologies they used, Angular andContinue reading “Hacktoberfest: Revisiting Angular”

Hacktoberfest: Taking A Step Back

So last week I was attempting to complete an Issue for the Goodwork repo. It required me to learn PHP and then everything else was pretty straight forward! That was a lie. Overconfidence is My Downfall Goodwork utilized a PHP framework known as Laurel, which I obviously have no experience with since I was newContinue reading “Hacktoberfest: Taking A Step Back”

Hacktoberfest: First Attempt at a PR

In my last post, I said that I was preparing for Hacktoberfest. Now that it is October, it is time to start. For my first pull request, I attempted with an issue from GoodWork, a project management and collaboration software. The issue required me to make a backend “delete” API for the backend. First, asContinue reading “Hacktoberfest: First Attempt at a PR”

Lab 4: Sound Scaling Analysis, Algorithm Selection

In today’s lab, I look at how a C program can handle sound scaling. Here’s the base code I will be working with: Compiling and running this code produces the following results: From these results, you can see that the program has a runtime of about ~55ms. If I compile and run the code byContinue reading “Lab 4: Sound Scaling Analysis, Algorithm Selection”

Lab 2: Comparing Different Compilations of a C “Hello World”

For this lab, I will be comparing different compilations of the following C program: The GCC compiler will be used. The base case will have the options -g, -O0, and -fno-builtin added. And here’s the base RLF. Adding the compiler option -static The function called changed from printf@plt to IO_printf. The change also caused the binaryContinue reading “Lab 2: Comparing Different Compilations of a C “Hello World””

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