Note to Self: Don’t Read Foreign Code When Unwell

So after two weeks of going in and out of the hospital, I can finally say I’m sick of sitting in waiting rooms and trying to work on my laptop without a table. My newfound appreciation for my home workstation has reinvigorated me with energy to continue working on my school assignment.

In a previous post, I indicated my interest in working with Google’s HighwayHash repo and finding a section of the code to optimize. Although I indicated that I would work with penguinV in the subsequent post and even isolated the blob_detection function as my function of interest, I went back looking into HighwayHash source code at the hospital. It really was an interesting project that I wished to leave a contribution.

I hoped to find a simple block of code to work on with HighwayHash, but my god the source code was actually difficult to follow; my depth of knowledge for C++ is shallow at best and the algorithms they used took time to understand. Now I don’t want to make excuses here but I would like to blame my multiple 5+ hour waits in the hospital in the middle of the night. Honestly, hospitals are terrible working environments. Over the course of the week, I was able to figure how to compile the program on a Aarch64 machine (I was missing a declaration for the makefile). However, I wasn’t able to determine what to work on and spending a week on the search seemed like a reasonable sign to give up and stick to the game plan. Therefore, I will continue looking into penguinV, which should have been my original course of action. At least now I have no regrets about abandoning HighwayHash, because I tried and failed.

In my next post, I will post my progress with penguinV.

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