Note to Self: AngularJS Isn’t Angular

So I continued working in the open source community and I decided to make further contributions to a previous repo I worked on, pagermon. Last time, I added some additional settings to the webpage that allowed for the toggling of each column in the pager table. My PR also added the ability to change the column names. The owners liked my previous PR but will not be merging the feature until they figure out how to fix the stylesheet so that it is consistent with my changes. This time, I took on an issue that required me to make a pop up modal for the messages table so that phones may have an easier time reading messages.

The feature is just the implementation of a modal in AngularJS. Note the keywords in the previous sentence: modal and AngularJS. It’s been a while since I have touched Angular and I completely forgot that AngularJS and Angular are two different things. So for the first iteration of the feature I wrote the code in angular and was honestly stumped when I couldn’t compile the code properly. Took me like an hour before I realized the code was written in AngularJS. Honestly, I could have saved a lot more time if I just read the documentation for the project, as it states it uses AngularJS. The sources code was also a big red flag as the syntax for Angular and AngularJS are different. But in my defence, I was lacking sleep and food as I am just a poor student.

When I figured out I was using the wrong framework, implementing the feature became a lot easier. Adding new components in AngularJS is quite simple, especially since the pagermon utilitzes Angular directives for Boostrap which provides base code that I can easily copy and modify in the documentation. The feature turned out nicely and the owners liked it, which made me quite satisfied.

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