Hacktoberfest: First Attempt at a PR

In my last post, I said that I was preparing for Hacktoberfest. Now that it is October, it is time to start. For my first pull request, I attempted with an issue from GoodWork, a project management and collaboration software. The issue required me to make a backend “delete” API for the backend.

First, as indicated my interest in taking on the issue by commenting on the issue. Once I got approval, I followed the contribution guideline which had the initial setup steps. The instructions required me to install Docker, which took longer than I expected due to some conflicts with some other virtualization software on my computer. I am not sure if the Docker installation was supposed to come with PHP, but I also needed to download it in order to properly finish the setup.

After I completed the setup, I started working on the feature. Now just some information about myself: I have never worked with Docker or PHP before, so this will require some reading. Currently I am reading up on the two so I will post what learn in the subsequent posts and how I apply it to the issue.

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