Hacktoberfest Pre-Party! The Issue Hunt Begins

Since the beginning of the month, I have been preparing myself to work with the Open-Source community by learning git and familiarizing myself with the issue resolution workflow on GitHub. Now that October is around the corner, it is time to put my knowledge to test and participate in Hacktoberfest!

My Goals for the Event

Working with Open-Source is a brand new experience for me, so my main goal for participating in Hacktoberfest will be to get used to communicating in the community. I have weak communication skills and it’s a trait I would like to develop. Secondly, I wish to work with technologies I am not familiar with, such cross platform frameworks like Electron. The exposure will be useful when looking for a job or implementing my own projects.

The Considered Issues

The first issue that I had a look at is one involving a game engine, which can found here. As I am working on my own game right now, this will provide me valuable insight into how others implement their games. The second issue is one involving Docker, which is technology that I have yet to touch. Finally, just a simple bug on a personal website just to start me off with the workflow.

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